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I Have a Short Torso, What is the Best Waist Trainer?

Get the best fitting Waist Trainer Corset for your Torso length. Long Vs Short Torso

Posted on: 09/07/20
Short Torso Waist Trainers, Body Shaper for Weight Loss AC 2038 Black
Short Torso Ann Chery Waist Trainer AC 2026
Short Torso Waist Trainer AC 2026 Purple, Pink or Blue
Short Torso No Hooks Waist Trainer Velcro Belt AC 2057
Ann Chery Waist Trainers for Short Torsos  AC 2026 in Colour
At The London Corset Company, we provide a wide range of short torso and long torso waist trainer corsets, body shapers, shapewear and weight loss waist trainers. This is to ensure our products fit different body shapes like it was custom-made and at a fraction of the cost!

The importance of a good fitting corset means it will be effective in body shaping, inch loss and provide all day comfort.

Our short torso waist trainers are 11 inches in frontal length. This is suitable for standard torso length and short torsos. Click here for long torso waist trainers (13" frontal length).

We’ve helped thousands of women and men all over the world choose their perfect fitting waist trainer and shapewear start their journey to achieve a slimmer waist and improve their figure and confidence. We can help you too.

Click here to measure your torso length and determine your torso size.


Please find below our small - short torso waist trainer recommendations to get your weight loss and body shaping transformation journey started today. 

1.  Waist Trainers, Cinchers and Belts - for short torso
View All

2. Ann Chery 2026 Colombian Faja Waist Trainer - for short torso
For daily use and exercising.  Black, Purple, Blue, Pink -   Shop Now

3. Ann Chery 2038 Black Metallic Waist Trainer Shop Now

4. Ann Chery 2057 -
‘No Hooks’ Velcro Waist Trainer – Short Torso -  Shop Now

5. A
nn Chery 2051 - Latex Fit Waist Trainer Belt  Shop Now
Colours: Black, Pink/ Black. XS-3XL. 

6.Waist Cincher
Shapewear for Short Torso  - Buy Now

7. Waist Trainer Vest
for Short Torso - Buy Now


Need help? Contact us or email with your Torso and Waist measurements and corset requirements. Our corset experts will provide you with a personalized recommendation.