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Postpartum Shapewear & Waist Trainers

Post-Pregnancy Shapewear & Bodysuits

Best Postpartum & Post-Pregnancy Waist Trainers & Shapewear

New Mum's Top Picks - Postpartum Girdles, Belly Wraps & Shapewear

Get your pre-baby body back and feel more supported with our postpartum shapewear and waist trainer collection.

Celebs like Cardi B and the Kardashian's have credited their Colombian Faja Waist Trainer to help get their pre-baby body back, you could too. The famous Ann Chery Colombian Faja waist trainer is made from a strong high compression latex material, suitable for postpartum once your body has healed after childbirth. Our Ann Chery Powernet-line postpartum waist trainer, bodysuit and shapewear in this collection is made with breathable latex-free material allowing the air to run freely through your body. This is important if your are post-surgery and still healing.  After getting a go-ahead by your doctor, you can receive the full benefits.

Benefits of wearing Postpartum Waist Trainer, Girdle & Shapewear:
  • Support abdominal and back muscles
  • Aid lower back pain
  • Reduce pain and pressure around c-section
  • Improve posture
  • Smoothing and slimming effect
  • Reduce waist line
  • Firms & flatten tummy
  • Reduce abdomen & back size
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Increase thermal activity
  • Speeds up burning fat cells
  • Lose baby weight faster
  • Reduce bloating
  • Increase mobility

How to choose the Best Postpartum Shapewear for you?
If you need some advice, please contact our expert on 01923 225545, Live Chat or email us.