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BBL, Bum Enhancing Knickers & Shorts
BBL, Bum Enhancing Knickers & Shorts

Butt Lifter Shapewear

BBL, Bum Enhancing Knickers & Shorts

Bum Lift Shapewear & BBL Faja

Bum Enhancement Shorts & Padded Bum Underwear

Use our Brazilian Butt Lifting Shapewear and bum enhancing underwear for an instant, fuller, rounder and visibly bigger appearance. With BBL effect, our Butt Lifter Shapewear allows you to enhance your bottom in a safe and natural way. Enhance your butt, slim and shape your waist, flatten your tummy and make yourself look beautiful from every given angle.

Out Butt Lifting Shapewear include BBL Fajas, Faja Bodysuits, Faja Body Shapers and Faja Butt Lifter Shorts suitable for post-partum and post-surgery recovery.

1. Wear our Ann Chery 1045 Faja Butt Lifter Short regularly to provide instant fuller and rounder bum and prevent sagging. Regular use will lift and contour your buttocks.

2. The sexy and Sheer Butt Lifter Boy Short by Miraclesuit is perfect every occasion. Invisible under clothes, wear it under tight fitting dresses to help sculpt your figure into an hourglass silhouette!

3. The Ann Chery 1044 Faja Body Shaper is popular for daily use, postpartum and post-surgery compression garment for BBL, Liposuction or tummy tuck to support your body and speed up recovery.