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Waist Trainer & Corset News

All the latest waist trainer & corset news from The London Corset Company

Waist Training Guide
Are you a beginner to Waist Training? We get a lot of questions from our customers and have put together a Beginners Waist Training Guide with our most common questions. Waist Training is a fun and easy way to lose inches and get the curves you want. Use this Waist Training Guide for everything you . . . . . .
Posted on: 31/05/20
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Beyoncé, wearing a mid-thigh shapewear bodysuit
Celebrities like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Kim Kardashian are sheer perfection in our eyes and the thought of them wearing shapewear and corsets is beyond us, but this simply is not true. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing shapewear to achieve the look you want!Look at . . . . . .
Posted on: 01/05/20
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