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Waist Trainer & Corset News

All the latest waist trainer & corset news from The London Corset Company

Does Shapewear Work for Men?
Does Shapewear Really Work for Men? Yes, Shapewear really does work for men! Our Men’s Shapewear Vests are designed to be tightly fitted under-shirts, to instantly improvement the male figure. They give abdominal support, pull in the tummy and belly fat, reduce the waistline, love handles and . . . . . .
Posted on: 10/03/22
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While Sleeping, is it Safe to Wear a Waist Trainer?
A waist trainer or waist cincher corset is a high compression garment worn around your midsection designed to shape your body, provide inch-loss and give you a sculpted hourglass shape in minutes. Many advocates of waist training think sleeping with your waist trainer will increase its effectiveness . . . . . .
Posted on: 01/03/22
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Ann Chery Reviews 2021
Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best-rated Ann Chery Waist Trainer products in the UK. Our authentic women’s Ann Chery Colombian Faja Latex Waist Trainers are short-listed below based on the overall star-rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product. What . . . . . .
Posted on: 10/12/21
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Waist Trainer Gift Guide
We have put together a simple gift guide to make waist trainer shopping a little easier for you! Waist trainers can be difficult to pick but the results are completely worth it! Waist trainers help you feel sexy, boosts body confidence, instantly slims, shapes and improves the posture. Our Waist . . . . . .
Posted on: 08/12/21
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How to Wash & Dry Your Waist Trainer
We use high quality fabrics and materials for our Waist Trainers to provide you with the best body shaping experience. However, good garment care is important if you want your Waist Trainers to last long, stay effective and continue to be resistant with firm compression.You can extend the life of . . . . . .
Posted on: 07/12/21
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Which Ann Chery Waist Trainer Should I buy?
One of the questions I get asked frequently is: What's the difference between the Ann Chery Sports and Latex style Waist Trainer? Which waist trainer is better? Or I have just had a baby, what waist trainer do you recommend to get rid of my baby pouch? I recommend waist trainer styles everyday . . . . . .
Posted on: 07/12/21
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Best Plus Size Shapewear 2021
At, The London Corset Company, we believe that every person’s body shape is unique, and beauty has no size. We are the industry leaders in plus size shapewear. We are proud to offer a wide variety of plus size shapewear, and bodysuits to help our customers embrace their bodies, feel sexy, . . . . . .
Posted on: 09/07/21
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Top 5 Celeb Shapewear Beyonce Knowles
Despite what the celebrities tell us, diet and exercise cannot get you the smooth silhouette that SHAPEWEAR CAN. Their secret is exposed. This is why celebrities are the biggest fans of shapewear. The shapewear revolution has taken the world by storm and celebrities all over the world are confessing . . . . . .
Posted on: 03/03/21
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