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Ann Chery AC2027 - Womens Black Waist Trainer Vest Petite & Plus Size

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LIMITED OFFER PRICE WAS £80.00 Now: £69.99
Latex Vest Body Shaper Recommends for Regular and Long Torsos
There are many different styles of sports waist trainer vests however The Ann Chery Chaleco 2027 is superior to them all. It is our most popular style of Waist Trainer Vest as it is designed to slim the waist by 2-3 inches, flatten and tone the abdomen as well as combat back fat, excess skin under the arms and improve posture.

The Longline waist trainer vest design is suitable for long torsos and plus sizes. It gives complete torso coverage including the lower tummy. 


  • Genuine Ann Chery Colombian Faja Waist Trainer
  • 2 adjustable hook & eye levels
  • High Rise Back
  • Wide supportive shoulder straps
  • 4 flexible steel boned
  • No rolling up or down
  • Outer layer - natural Latex
  • Internal 100% cotton lining
  • Flat seams
  • Undetected under clothes
  • Daily Use
  • Suitable for Exercising
  • 13" Front Length

  • Reduces waistline by 2-3"
  • Firms and flattens tummy
  • Create & maintain hourglass shape
  • Help improve posture
  • Help strengthen core muscles
  • Reduce bloating
  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Increase thermal activity
  • Stimulates perspiration
  • Speeds up burning fat cells
  • Boosts workouts results
  • Helps long-term weight loss goals
  • Waist Training Results in Weeks!

Strap Options: For Ann Chery 'adjustable strap' Waist Trainer Vest version, please see the AC 2028
Ann Chery - Always The Best
Genuine Ann Chery
AC2027 Features:
Steel Boned
Flexible Steel Boned
Waist Training
Waist Training
Expert Waist Training
Expert Waist Training
Suitable for Long Torsos
Suitable for Long Torsos
Plus Sizes
Available in Plus Sizes
Waist Reduction 3-4 Inches
Waist Reduction 3-4"
Latex Waist Cincher
Latex Waist Cincher
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable for Exercise
Suitable for Exercise
WAS £80.00
Price Now: £69.99

AC2027 Description & Garment Care
If you want to lose inches in your waist, flatten your tummy, boost weight-loss and create and maintain an hourglass shape, this is the waist trainer for you. When worn regularly and for longer periods of time, it gradually provides inch loss in the waist, flattens the stomach, boost workouts and helps long term weight loss goals. Compared to other waist trainer styles, the 2027 is far more superior in providing waist reduction and weight loss as it targets the abdominal area. It uses natural latex. It is a longline style covering the whole torso and uses 4 hard and strong flexible steel-bones which provide more compression for body shaping and better back support.

When used regularly, the Ann Chery Colombian Waist Trainer will reduce your size and control your figure. The best effects are obtained with daily use, worn 8 hours a day, with a balanced diet, physical exercise, and keeping the body well hydrated with water. If you are a beginner to waist training, work your way up to 8 hours a day gradually.


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Boost your waist training results and target areas like your tummy or your waist for additional inch loss with the Ann Chery Caffeine Cream. Daily application will help breaks down fatty deposits, stimulate circulation, increases the level of molecule lipolytic fat burning effect and will tighten your skin.
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The high quality Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit will help you drop inches without pain or work, draw out toxins from fat cells, tighten your skin and contour your body lines, improving the overall appearance of problem areas of your body. Use it before a special night out or occasion or under your Ann Chery Waist Trainer to boost results.
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Hand Washing Recommended
Care Instructions: Cool Hand Wash Only, Do not wash in a washing machine. Dry flat preferably in a well ventilated area.
Ann Chery Sizing Information
Ann Chery corset sizing is based on your natural waist size in inches. To find your correct Ann Chery size simply measure your waist using a standard tape measure and then select your waist size from the sizing drop down above. Dress sizes are there as a guide only. For tips on measuring your waist correctly please see the button below.

All Ann Chery corsets are adjustable so if you are in-between sizes or are unsure, select the larger size. Corsets arrive approximately 2” smaller than your natural waist size so do not select a smaller size.

Do I have a long or short torso?
Generally, if you are over 5'6" you will have a long torso. If you are below 5'6", you will have a short torso. However, it is always best to check by measuring the length of your torso by using our 3-Step Torso Guide.

If your torso measures 12 inches or more, you have a long torso. If it is 11 inches or less then you have a short torso.

AC2027 Customer Reviews
Just get it! You won't regret it!
Code, Size & Colour:
2XL Black
Review Date: 18/07/20
This is the genuine article, it pulls everything in, makes me feel tight, look good and feel beautiful. The first size I bought was a bit big for me so I exchanged it for one size smaller, other than than I love it.
Fast and friendly service
Code, Size & Colour:
L Black
Review Date: 27/05/20
Excellent customer service helped so much with sizing when my waist trainer came was perfect size I am very happy with it.Fast and friendly service.
Exactly what I was looking for
Code, Size & Colour:
L Nude
Review Date: 30/04/20
I was looking for a waist trainer that would hold everything in. I have an ann chery waist trainer belt but since I put some isolation weight on, it's all spilling out the top. It's not pretty! I wanted something where it's all nice and compacted in. No backfat, no underarm fat! The London Corset customer services recommeded the 2027, they were really helpful with advice. I also ordered the caffine cream to use with it, so far so good!