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How do I clean a Latex Waist Trainer?

Tips to Keep your Waist trainer (and you) in Great Shape!

Posted on: 07/12/21
How to Wash & Dry Your Waist Trainer
How to Wash & Dry Your Waist Trainer

We use high quality fabrics and materials for our Waist Trainers to provide you with the best body shaping experience. However, good garment care is important if you want your Waist Trainers to last long, stay effective and continue to be resistant with firm compression.

You can extend the life of your garments and maintain their original shape by following the following waist trainer care tips:

How do I wash and care for my Latex Waist Trainer?

Washing your latex waist trainer or Shapewear is quick and easy. Here is some helpful tips to keeping your waist trainer clean and fresh!

1. You can wash your latex waist trainer by hand in a washing basin or a plastic bowl. Put a bit of mild soap or shampoo (I use baby shampoo) in warm water and make sure it is well diluted.

2. Don’t use bleach or harsh soaps. Remember, the waist trainer is delicate and might get stained or damaged when using harsh products.

2. Use a sponge or towel soaked in the soapy water and softly move it over to wash the waist trainer, getting rid of any sweat marks. Swish it around the water and then rinse it with cold water.

3. To dry it, do not wring it out as you may damage the boning or latex. Pat excess water with a dry towel.

4. When you are done put the garment on a flat surface or delicately on a clothes horse, where the air flows to let the item air dry naturally. Make sure it dries thoroughly before use.
How to Care & Maintain Your Waist Trainer- FAQ
How to Care & Maintain Your Waist Trainer- FAQ

How often shall I wash my Waist Trainer?
Wash your latex waist trainer using the easy steps above, after multiple uses. Especially if you use your waist trainer at the gym or working out.

Can I wash my latex Waist Trainer in a washing Machine?
No, you cannot wash your Waist Trainer in a washing machine as it will damage the boning and material.

Can Shapewear and Faja Body Shapers go in the dryer?
No, do not put your shapewear in the dryer. Make sure you air dry you shapewear and Faja body shapers to preserve it's shape, elasticity and compression