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Mens Slimming Zip Compression Vest

Esbelt Mens ES305

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LIMITED OFFER PRICE WAS £82.99 Now: £74.99

Premium Mens Slimming Vest. Wear it under your clothes without giving away your secret

WAS £82.99
Price Now: £74.99

Reduce and smooth the shape of your body with the superior ES305 Men’s Compression Vest with zipper closure. It will slim and and smooth the abdomen, help combat back fat and improve posture. The ES305 Men's Compression Vest provides firm support and reduces measurements by 2-3" throughout the abdominal and back area. 

The ES305 Compression Vest is one of the best men's body shapers on the UK market. It is comfortable for daily use and moulds to your natural body shape. It helps you stay warm in Winter and cool in the Summer and is the perfect choice of compression vest for all occasions. It can be worn as a workout sweat vest or slimming shapewear under everyday clothes. It is available in plus size up to 4XL.

This Men's Compression Vest is made from Brazil's Esbelt unique fabric technology. It fuses natural rubber with a triple-filtered moisture absorbing cotton lining, into a light, one piece, single layered compressive fabric.  The fusion technology offers superior body shaping results and long-term weight loss and fitness benefits to shape not only your body but your confidence.

Main Features:
•    Reduces & Firm Abdomen
•    Hides “manboobs”
•    Aids weight loss
•    Suitable to exercise
•    Discreet under clothing
•    Zip front fastening
•    Upper and lower back muscle support
•    Daily use, Post surgery

  • Sculpts & smooths abs, waist and back 
  • Reduce 1 size
  • Soaks moisture & sweat
  • Flatten abdomen
  • No back bulge
  • Aids weight loss and muscle building
  • Improved circulation
  • Detoxification
  • Back support
  • Discreet under clothes
  • Use: daily and exercising
  • Post Surgery Recovery
  • Discreet plain packaging
Esbelt - Always The Best

ES305 Description & Garment Care
Material: 100% cotton lined with Latex Exterior. strong Firm Compression

The Men's Compression Vest increases your internal body temperature therefore making your sessions and miles you run work more for you. It will get you straight in the fat burning zone, which may usually take 30 minutes. This makes the fat burning in your exercise sessions 3 times more efficient and help with muscle building and toning and flattening the abdominal area.

This Compression Vest keeps the heat generated by your body in so it helps you sweat more when working out. The sauna effect helps shed weight faster in a safe way. The thermoregulate process causes the body to burn at least 50% more fat during exercise sessions because of the extra energy your body uses to cool down and maintain a healthy core temperature.
Hand Washing Recommended
Care Instructions: Cool Hand Wash Only, Do not wash in a washing machine. Dry flat preferably in a well ventilated area.

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  • 100% Recyclable packaging
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Mens Sizing Information
Choosing a mens slimming corset to fit you is easy with our size chart below. Just order by your normal waist size.
Mens Size Guide
Size Waist Size
Small 28" - 30" Waist (71-76cm)
Medium 32 - 34" (81-86cm)
Large 36" to 38" (91-96cm)
XL 40" to 42" (101-106cm)
2XL 44" to 46" (111-116cm)
3XL 48" to 50" (121-127cm)
4XL 52" to 54" (132-137cm)

ES305 Customer Reviews
Great quality
Code, Size & Colour:
2XL Natural
Review Date: 19/02/21
Great customer service and the item was just what I needed.
Ben J
Excellent Mens Trainer Vest -Made me sweat like crazy and gave a little extra burn
Code, Size & Colour:
L Natural
Review Date: 27/03/18
I'm really pleased with this product, it is an excellent mens trainer vest. It covers my entire torso and stops below my hip (previous one was a bit short). Though you can wear it as shapewear (it is comfy and slims the body instantly) I bought it as a waist trainer. After my first workout it made me sweat like crazy and gave me a little extra burn. I'm looking forward to seeing fast results.
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