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ES431 - Daily Slimming Vest Combat Back Fat & Excess Skin by Esbelt

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Slims, Shapes, Smooths, Supports. No More Back Fat, Love Handles or Rolls! Plus Sizes: UK 6 - 30 / XS - 4XL. Every Day Use
High performance Womens Shapewear Corset Vest ES431 drastically slims and shapes your body whilst tackling back fat and excess skin under your arms. UK's best rated shapewear and waist trainer, it slims, shapes, smooths and hides back rolls, muffin tops and back fat.  Suitable to use for a night out or whilst exercising as a waist trainer. It will improve your posture and give beautiful lines in an instant!

A popular daily womens corset vest available in plus size for work or going out. Worn under your clothes, the ES431 immediately lifts and supports your bust, gives your a visibly slimmer waist by 2-3 inches, a flatter tummy, corrects your posture - whilst discreet under your clothes.

No More Rolls, Muffin Tops or Back Fat!
The ES431 Corset Vest is our best rated shapewear for backfat and muffin tops. It slims, shapes, smooths and hide back rolls, excess skin under arms, muffin tops and back fat in a dress. The ES431 has a high back so it is particularly good to combat upper back fat. If you are wearing your favourite dress to a special occasion and want to get rid of lumps and bumps, The ES431 will drastically improve your figure and reduce your waist line by at least one dress size. For our girls favourite Waist Cincher style shapewear corset, see the ES404. It will reduce 2-3 inches off your waist, improve your figure and give beautiful lines in an instant!

Main Features
The Esbelt ES 431 Shaper Vest fuses a thin layer of moisture absorbing cotton lining for comfort with natural rubber, into a light, one piece single layered compressive fabric. This offers superior slimming results and long term benefits to shape not only your body, but your confidence. 

Benefits & Features:
  • Adjustable bra straps and a double hook and eye fastener frontal closure for the perfect fit. (You can wear your own bra with this garment.)
  • Immediately lifts and supports breasts
  • Flexible boning to correct posture and enhanced back support. This also prevents the garment from rolling up.Creates a visibly slimmer waist and flatter tummy
  • Special design reduces inches from waist line. The ES431 Slimming Vest combines our knock-out waist trainer (The ES404) with additional shoulder straps for the ultimate in figure defining shapewear.
  • Postnatal recovery
  • Hides underarm excess
  • The Esbelt ES431 corset vest shaper can be worn every day and for up to 8-10 hours a day.
  • It can be worn during exercising as a Waist Trainer
Esbelt - Always The Best
ES431 Features:
Waist Training
Waist Training
Plus Sizes
Available in Plus Sizes
Waist Reduction
Waist Reduction
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable Under Clothes
Price: £59.99

ES431 Description & Garment Care
The ES431 naturally adjusts to your body contours, sculpting and slimming your waist line and tummy instantly. This Esbelt slimming corset vest is perfect for creating that hourglass shape whilst providing back support with shoulder straps.

Features include:
  • High Compression – slims, supports and sculpts figure instantly
  • Visibly reduces waistline - by 1-2 dress sizes
  • Rubber Latex - stimulates perspiration to maximise workouts
  • Aid Weight Loss - Compression creates a Micro-massage effect which can aid weight loss
  • Waist Training – Rubber Latex corset style suitable for waist training
  • Maximise Workouts - Suitable to wear during exercising at any level
  • Comfort – 100% cotton lining guarantees freshness 
  • Non-stick with cotton lining for comfort
  • No Rolling - Light flexible boning to prevent annoying rolling up or down
  • 2 hook and eye levels - to adjust compression and size down as you lose weight
  • Invisible - under clothing

Esbelt is the best plus size shapewear corset available for everyday use. It is excellent quality, comfortable, strong and durable.

Hand Washing Recommended
Care Instructions: Cool Hand Wash Only, Do not wash in a washing machine. Dry flat preferably in a well ventilated area.
Esbelt Sizing Information
Esbelt corset sizing is based on your waist size, to find your correct Esbelt size simply measure your waist using a standard tape measure and use the size guide box below to find your Esbelt size.
Esbelt Size Guide
Size Waist Size UK Dress
Size Guide
XS 20" to 22" (50-56cm) UK 4 to 6
S 22" to 24" (56-61cm) UK 6 to 8
M 26" to 28" (66-71cm) UK 10 to 12
L 30" to 32" (76-81cm) UK 14 to 16
XL 34" to 36" (86-91cm) UK 18 to 20
2XL 38" to 40" (96-101cm) UK 22 to 24
3XL 40" to 42" (101-107cm) UK 24 to 26
4XL 44" to 46" (112-117cm) UK 28 to 30
5XL 48" to 50" (122-127cm) UK 30 to 32
6XL 52" to 54" (132-137cm) UK 32 to 34

Approximate UK Dress Sizes are given above as a guide only, sizing is based on your waist size so it is always advisable to measure your waist to get a perfect fit!

The corsets are adjustable so if you are between sizes or are unsure of which size to choose, you should select the larger size.

ES431 Customer Reviews
TLCC Customer Verfied
Wow! Instantly Relieved My Back Pain
Code, Size & Colour:
2XL Black
Review Date: 27/04/19
I was looking for some kind of corset or back support to wear during the day under my clothes.  I sit in front of the computer all day and my posture is all wrong. I hunch over the keyboard and by the end of the day my back is aching and so is my neck. My friend recommended this product and said it helps her (she was wearing it under her top!) She was right. It is easy to put on, it has adjustable bra and double hook settings which is real handy. I started on the looser one and wow, I instantly felt so much better and the pain in my back was relieved. It supports my whole back and pulls in the tummy, the compression forces you stand and sit upright. My boobs get pushed up and look huge as well which was unexpected bonus! I'm sitting tall and straight now as I type, I generally don't do that. It feels amazing and I will wear it all day, you can breathe normal in it. I was worried it may be too short as I've got a bit of a tummy but it's quite long and covers everything up. Really pleased with it. If I tightened it, it would slim me down so multi purpose value for money corset.
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