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ES404 - Everyday Slimming Waist Cincher Trainer Petite & Plus Size - UK 4-32 by Esbelt

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LIMITED OFFER PRICE WAS £50.99 Now: £39.99
Redefine Your Curves & Flatten Tummy
For All Body Shapes & Sizes
The famous Esbelt 404 Everyday Waist Trainer visibly reduces 2-3” inches from the waistline, flattens the tummy, reduces back measurements, improves posture and creates a smooth and curvy silhouette to all body types. Functional yet discreet under clothes, available in petite and plus sizes UK 4 – 34 / XS-6XL.
Suitable for short and long torso lengths.


  • Original Esbelt Brazilian Waist Trainer (AKA Squeem)
  • Soft elasticated - Triple layer technology
  • Adjustable 2 Hook and Eye fastening
  • High Compression
  • 4 flexible steel boned
  • Longline design covers complete torso
  • Outer – Natural Rubber
  • Internal -  cotton lining
  • Undetected under clothes
  • Daily Use
  • Suitable for Exercise & Waist Training
  • 11.5-13" Length 
  • Suitable Regular and Long Torso

  • Reduces waistline by 2-3"
  • Visually reduces by 1-2 dress sizes
  • Firms and flattens tummy
  • Create /maintain hourglass shape
  • Under bust style -moderately lifts breasts
  • Help improve posture
  • Help strengthen core muscles
  • Reduce bloating
  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Increase thermal activity
  • Boosts workouts results
  • Helps long-term weight loss goals
  • No rolling up or down
  • Easy exchanges & refunds
  • Post-pregnancy & Post-surgery recovery
  • Waist Training Results in Weeks

MEASUREMENTS: Length: 11.5 - 13 inches.
The light, stretchy and soft natural material makes it comfortable and suitable for short and long torso lengths. It has a soft curved hem so if you have a short torso, you can tuck excess length into clothes without discomfort.
Esbelt - Always The Best
ES404 Features:
Steel Boned
Flexible Steel Boned
Waist Training
Waist Training
Suitable for Regular and Short Torsos
Suitable for Regular & Short Torsos
Suitable for Long Torsos
Suitable for Long Torsos
Plus Sizes
Available in Plus Sizes
Visibly reduces waistline (2 – 3 inches)
Visibly reduces waistline (2 – 3 inches)
Latex Waist Cincher
Latex Waist Cincher
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable for Exercise
Suitable for Exercise
WAS £50.99
Price Now: £39.99

ES404 Description & Garment Care
Made with Brazil’s Esbelt Intelligent Fabric technology, the ES404 Waist Cincher Trainer celebrates women’s bodies by providing the perfect sculpted hourglass shape in minutes. The ES404 smooths and elongates the midsection, reduces the waist line by 2-3”, boosts the bust whilst improving posture and providing back support.
Click here for the ES419 Zipper Version

However, the ES404 Waist Cincher does more than give a temporary boost.  When used daily, it will reduce your waist size, aid with weight loss and control your figure. The ES404 Daily Waist Cincher Trainer is a versatile corset and is suitable to be worn during exercising as a weight loss Waist Trainer. The compression and micro massage effect stimulates perspiration when worn during exercising, accelerating the belly fat burning process.

When used regularly, the Esbelt Waist Trainer will reduce your size and control your figure. The best effects are obtained with daily use, worn 8 hours a day, with a balanced diet, physical exercise, and keeping the body well hydrated with water.

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  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Long lasting High Quality Products
  • Fast UK and International Registered Tracked Delivery
  • Easy Returns and Size Exchanges
  • 28 Day Warranty against manufacturing defects

Innovation and quality – for more than 40 years

Esbelt is a brand leader on the cincher and shapewear industry for more than 40 years. The 404 Slimming Corset is one of our best sellers worldwide.

It should not be used by pregnant women. It should not be used by recent caesarean section women. Please be advised by your doctor in the case of recent surgeries. It should not be used by people sensitive or allergic to natural rubber. Click here for non-latex waist cinchers
Hand Washing Recommended
Care Instructions: Cool Hand Wash Only, Do not wash in a washing machine. Dry flat preferably in a well ventilated area.
Esbelt Sizing Information
Esbelt corset sizing is based on your waist size, to find your correct Esbelt size simply measure your waist using a standard tape measure and use the size guide box below to find your Esbelt size.
Esbelt Size Guide
Size Waist Size UK Dress
Size Guide
XS 20" to 22" (50-56cm) UK 4 to 6
S 22" to 24" (56-61cm) UK 6 to 8
M 26" to 28" (66-71cm) UK 10 to 12
L 30" to 32" (76-81cm) UK 14 to 16
XL 34" to 36" (86-91cm) UK 18 to 20
2XL 38" to 40" (96-101cm) UK 22 to 24
3XL 40" to 42" (101-107cm) UK 24 to 26
4XL 44" to 46" (112-117cm) UK 28 to 30
5XL 48" to 50" (122-127cm) UK 30 to 32
6XL 52" to 54" (132-137cm) UK 32 to 34

Approximate UK Dress Sizes are given above as a guide only, sizing is based on your waist size so it is always advisable to measure your waist to get a perfect fit!

The corsets are adjustable so if you are between sizes or are unsure of which size to choose, you should select the larger size.

Do I have a long or short torso?
Generally, if you are over 5'6" you will have a long torso. If you are below 5'6", you will have a short torso. However, it is always best to check by measuring the length of your torso by using our 3-Step Torso Guide.

If your torso measures 12 inches or more, you have a long torso. If it is 11 inches or less then you have a short torso.

ES404 Customer Reviews
TLCC Customer Verfied
Did not fit but easy exchange, good service
Code, Size & Colour:
5XL Nude
Review Date: 11/07/20
Well made, but too big, I wear a size 24. The lady at customer sevice called me and helped me choose the right size. I received my exchange fast and it fit perfect (3XL).
I wanted a flat tummy & smaller waist which it delivers however it does much more.
Code, Size & Colour:
M Nude
Review Date: 17/06/20
Arrived real fast, I was recommended this so was excited to try it on. It fit perfect, I am a size 12 and it reduced me down to an 8 with a perfour hourglass figure I had pre-pregnancy. I like the feel of how it holds everything in and supports the body and back. I feel more confident wearing it. I originally bought it for eveningwear but it's comfortable enough to wear during the day. I wanted a flat tummy and smaller waist which it delivers however it does much more. It is a great support corset post pregnancy. The functionality has exceeeded my exectations. Very happy with my purchase.
Look two dress sizes smaller
Code, Size & Colour:
M Natural
Review Date: 01/06/20
Do not dismay! I bought a medium with the hopes I was that small and maybe i would fit in it despite my belly. I weren't quite sure how i was gonna fit in in when i saw it. I gave up then my husband decided to help and we attacked it with two heads. It fits! It does lose its stiffness and stretches and gives great reduction and shape. It looks great under my dress. Just start from the bottom!