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What Is Waist Training? A Beginners Guide

Your Guide to Waist Training - The Complete Guide and FAQ

Posted on: 31/05/20
Waist Training Guide for Beginners
Waist Training is a fun and easy way to lose inches and get the curves you want. Use this Waist Training Guide for everything you need to maximise your results.

It will provide everything you need to know about Waist Training and answer frequently asked questions such as What it is, how it works, which waist trainer styles to wear for different body types, how to measure up and how to get the best results.

What is Waist Training?

Waist Training is a process of progressively tightening a corset over a period of weeks and months to achieve a smaller waist size and produce an hourglass shape figure. If you desire a flat tummy and an hourglass-like figure, a waist trainer will help you achieve this.

What is a Waist Trainer?
A waist trainer is a high compression garment worn around your midsection designed to shape your body and provide inch loss by 2-3” instantly, giving you a sculpted hourglass shape in minutes. However, the Ann Chery waist trainer does more than give a temporary boost.  Ann Chery Waist Trainers are unique and versatile. Worn by celebrities and women all over the world, they are the most popular quality waist trainer brand as they are designed with latex and flexible steel boning to be used whilst exercising as well as daily use. Wearing one boosts workouts and weight loss results.

How does an Ann Chery Waist Trainer Work?
The Ann Chery Waist Trainer compresses the torso, cinches the waist by 2-3” and corrects the posture. It increases thermal activity, stimulating perspiration and speeding up burning fat cells. When used regularly, the Ann Chery Colombian Waist Trainer will reduce your size, control your figure, train your posture, and aid long-term weight loss goals.

How can I get the best results from my Waist Trainer?
The best effects are obtained from a waist trainer with daily use, worn up to 8 hours a day, with a balanced diet, incorporating physical exercise, and keeping the body well hydrated with water. If you are a beginner, gradually work up to 8 hours a day in your first 1-2 weeks. 

Additional Tips: Use a diary, take measurements and photos of your progress to keep yourself motivated.

Do Waist Trainers Really Work?
Yes, waist training does work, but be careful because not all waist trainers are genuine. The Ann Chery Colombian Faja Latex Waist Trainer is the real thing and can be up to 3 layers with natural latex, flexible steel boning and cotton lining for all day freshness. The premium quality and strength of the materials provide instant and long-term results.

Put it on and you will get 2-3 inches of instant waist reduction. You can wear your waist trainer under clothes and look one or two dress sizes smaller. Waist training on a regular basis can supplement long-term slimming and weight loss goals along with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Does it work? Our customer reviews will confirm that Ann Chery is one of the most successful waist trainers in the world and can show you inch loss results in weeks.

What sort of body shape can I hope to achieve with Waist Training?
Waist training is designed to produce an hourglass shape. It will not change where your hips are. With regular waist training you can create a smaller waistline, smooth out your silhouette, remove love handles and extra fat around your waist to create a slimmer and curvy hourglass shape.

What is my torso length? Short or Long? 
Generally, if you are 5'7 (ft) tall and over, you will have a long torso. If you are below 5'7 (ft), you will have a short torso. However this is not always true so it is better to check using our Torso Length Guide.

I am a Beginner and just purchased my waist trainer. What can I expect in my first week of Waist Training?
If you are a beginner to Waist Training, you may not know how to start or come across a few surprises when you have received your new waist trainer. Here’s a heads up and some tips on what to expect in your first week of Waist Training.

  1. You will think your waist trainer is too small! Yes, it should be 2-3” smaller than your waist. Yes, you can fit into it. You just don’t know the ‘technique’ yet! Here’s the special How to Put a Waist Trainer On Technique:
  2. Waist trainers are tricky to put on the first time. Remember to start from the bottom and work your way up. It does get easier!
  3. On your first day, start by wearing your waist trainer for 1-2 hours.
  4. Then add 1 or 2 hours on day 2. Work your way up to 8 hours over the course of your first week.
  5. Your first week is a period of ‘breaking in’ the corset – as it softens and moulds to your body
  6. Choose the loosest Hook setting in your first week. Over stretching the corset in your first week will damage the corset
  7. There is no rush in waist training. Allow your body to adjust to your corset in week 1 slowly.
  8. You may notice fast results so always a good idea to keep a measurement log.
  9. You will feel less likely to overeat.
  10. It will feel more comfortable in your waist trainer as time goes on. Like second skin.
  11. You will never want to wear another outfit without your corset underneath again.

Will Waist Training work without exercise?
Waist training does not require exercise. The Ann Chery Waist Trainer compression technology will change your body shape without exercise. The most important thing is wearing it daily and for up to 8 hours a day.  You can speed up results by wearing the waist trainer when you do physical activity around the house like hoovering, cleaning, playing with the kids, or when you go for a walk or shopping.   You can also add Ann Chery Caffeine Cream to stimulate circulation and increase the levels of molecules lipolytic fat burning effect.
The more physical activity you do in your waist trainer, the quicker you will see the results.

How long do I need to wear a Waist Trainer before I see results?
The Ann Chery Waist Trainer will reduce your waist size, shape, and control your figure. The best effects are obtained with daily use, worn 8 hours a day, with a balanced diet, physical exercise, and keeping the body well hydrated with water.  Different people get results at different speeds. Generally, you will start seeing results in 4-8 weeks.

Does a Waist Trainer flatten your stomach?
The waist trainer can reduce the size of your waist by inches during waist training and you may also notice your tummy getting flatter as body shape starts to change. The waist trainer does not get rid of stored fat unless you use the waist trainer as part of a weight loss plan. The waist trainer does help reduce bloating. Bloating is something that most women suffer from, especially post -pregnancy. Bloating symptoms can cause the stomach to get bigger and lose your waistline. Using a waist trainer regularly will help control these symptoms, flattening the tummy and get your curvy shape back.

What is my Waist Trainer size?
It is important to choose the right waist trainer to fit your body, so it is comfortable and effective in body shaping and providing inch loss. Our Waist Trainers come in two different lengths and petite and plus sizes to ensure we provide the perfect fit for all body shapes. To get that fit, you need two measurements: your torso length in inches and your waist size in inches.

Please click here for a quick and easy Waist and Torso Measurement Guide. All you need is a tape measure or piece of string and ruler. It takes a few minutes.

Once you have your measurements, you will discover whether you need a short torso or long torso Waist Trainer. Simply follow the links to the waist trainer sections based on your personal measurements.
If you need help in choosing your waist trainer or corset, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

I Have a short torso. What Waist Trainer do you recommend?
We provide short torso waist trainers (as well as long torso) to ensure all our waist trainers provide all day comfort, effectiveness and waist training results for all body shapes and sizes.

We’ve have helped thousands of women start their waist training journey and achieve a slimmer waist, curvier figure and transform their confidence. Please find below We are happy to provide these recommendations to get your journey started in the best way possible.
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