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Does Shapewear Really Work for Men?

Which Body Shaper is Best for Men?

Posted on: 10/03/22
Does Shapewear Work for Men?
Does Shapewear Work for Men?

Does Shapewear Really Work for Men?

Yes, Shapewear really does work for men! Our Men’s Shapewear Vests are designed to be tightly fitted under-shirts, to instantly improvement the male figure.  They give abdominal support, pull in the tummy and belly fat, reduce the waistline, love handles and reinforce the lower back.

Do Slimming Vests work for Men?
Slimming vests really work for men. Wearing a slimming vest regularly will help your clothes fit better, improve problem areas, improve your posture, boost your confidence and your mental well-being. The instant slimming results that shapewear and slimming vests give, can help you stay motivated and focused on your long-term health, weight-loss and fitness goals.


ES5770 Stomach Trimmer Slimming Vest
ES5770 Stomach Trimmer Slimming Vest

What is the Best Men's Slimming Vest?  
If you are a beginner to Men's shapewear, here are the top 3 slimming vests and body shapers, perfect for men who wants to enjoy a good figure, a trimmer waist and good posture without the hassle of exercising, pills or surgery.

1. ES5770 Men's Stomach Trimmer Vest  Only £39.99
Esbelt - Colour: Black/ Nude - S-2XL

  • High Compression
  • Instant figure improvement
  • Pulls in tummy & belly fat
  • Reduces love handles
  • Elasticity Fabric - Freedom of movement
  • Supports chest, shoulders & midsection
  • Improves posture & offers back support
  • Aids weight loss goals
  • Discreet under clothes
  • X design - lifts back & improves posture
M9209 Everyday Comfy Slimming Vest
M9209 Everyday Comfy Slimming Vest

2. M9209 Men's Body Control Slimming Vest - Only £19.99
Brand: BlackSpade - Colour: Black/ White - S-2XL

  • Medium Compression
  • Round neck
  • Advanced shaping feature on waist & tummy
  • Soft cotton and modal fabric
  • Heat transfer labels -do not irritate the skin
  • 3D design to fit all body shapes
  • Super comfy for daily use
  • Flat seams - discreet under clothes
ES407 Men's Slimming Corset
ES407 Men's Slimming Corset

3. ES407 men's Slimming Corset
Brand: Esbelt - Colour: Black/ Nude - S-4XL
  • Firm Compression
  •  2 Hook and Eye fastening
  •  Reduce waist and abdomen by 2-3"
  •  No back bulge
  •  Aids weight loss
  •  Improved circulation
  •  Back support / Improves posture
  •  Discreet under clothes
  •  Post Surgery Recovery
ES407 High Compression Mens' Garment
ES407 High Compression Mens' Garment

Get the Right Amount of Control with The London Corset Company
We have two compression levels with our Men's Shapewear, Medium Compression for moderate smoothing and shaping, perfect for daily use and High Compression Shapewear, ideal for more dramatic inch loss results and superior support.

What is Medium Compression Shapewear?

Medium Compression shapewear is for moderate control shaping and smoothing your lumps and bumps under your clothes.  Comfy for everyday use.  Designed for your daily activities and comfort in mind.

What is High Compression Shapewear?

The High Compression Shapewear provides more dramatic inch loss, slimming and re-shaping results. It provides a sculpted waist, flattens tummy and improves posture.  This tighter and stronger compression will provide at least 2-3" reduction in your measurements.

How to put on your Shapewear Vest
How to put on your Shapewear Vest

What’s the Best way to Put on a Shapewear Vest?

  1. Preparation: Our Men’s Shapewear is designed to be a tightly fitted so, you need to take your time in getting it on.
  2. Do not put shapewear on damp or newly moisturised skin as it will be more difficult to put on.
  3. Start, by gently pulling the shapewear vest over your head, then putting your arms through the arm holes.                                
  4. Next, gently pull the vest down over your chest and upper torso using the bottom seam of the vest. Do this gently as the vest will be tight. It should slide on. If you feel you are needing to tug hard, do not force it. This means the vest is too small. Don’t worry, we can exchange for a larger size. 
  5. Once you have the shapewear vest on, it should feel snug against the body, covering your torso and feel tight but not too tight that it restricts your breathing. Shapewear is designed to hold you in and smooth out any bulges under clothes.
  6.  If the shapewear vest is too small or too tight, it will ride up over your stomach and be apparent straight away. Please return your shapewear and exchange it for a larger size.
  7. Remember, your shapewear vest has some stretch in it and will mould to your body the more you wear it. This will make it comfier and easier to put on in the future.