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Corset Buying Guide

Corset Buying Guide

Which corset is right for you?

Use our corset buying guide to help you decide
Confused by all the different corset designs and styles on offer?
Read our quick start guide to each category of corset below to help you decide whether you want steel bones or plastic bones, an under or over bust corset, a waist trainer, a corset to wear all day, a corset for a night out or even a corset to work out in.
Corset Buying - Frequently Asked Questions
I just want a corset for a special event, night out or fancy dress.

One of the corsets from the fashion corsets collection would be perfect. They are available in a versatile range of styles and colors, with something to suit any occasion. They are a cost effective solution if you just need a garment for occasional use. Fashion Corsets will typically use plastic bones which give the impression of an hour glass shape but won't give the waist reduction and body shaping of a steel boned corset.

I want a corset to really shape my body and give noticable waist reduction.

A steel boned corset is what you require. Available in many designs, fabrics and styles only a steel boned corset will give firm body shaping with genuine waist reduction - an approxinate average of four to five inches can be acheived. If you require a higher waist reduction, with up to seven inches possible, a waist training corset maybe the answer for you.

I want a corset suitable for tightlacing.

Tightlacing is a technique used when you want to wear a corset to achieve cosmetic figure modification. Through tightening the laces of a corset, tight-lacing reduces the size of your waist. Steel Boned Corsets can reduce your waist by up to 4-5 inches. Waist Training Corsets can reduce your waist by up to 6-7 inches. We would always advise consulting your doctor before undertaking any serious waist training program.

I want a corset to workout in and improve my posture.

Workout Waist Cincher Corsets have recently become very popular with several celebrities spotted wearing them at the gym. They are also worn all day long for shape and support under your normal clothing. The corsets have also been used to improve muscle tone after pregnancy.

I want to buy my first Waist Training Corset, what style do you recommend?

For first-timers, we would recommend an Underbust style corset (which you will find in the Waist Training Corsets section). An Underbust style Corset starts under the breasts and extends down at the hips leaving the bust area exposed. This style is flattering on most body types. The reason why this style is so popular as a 'first corset' is because it is less restrictive. It will allow you to wear your own bra or put it over a shirt or top. Once you are used to the feeling of wearing a corset, why not try an Overbust style!

I want a corset to flatten my stomach and reduce my waist.

An Underbust corset will flatten and smooth your stomach and draw in your waist, whilst accentuating the hips. You can wear a top, blouse or shirt of your choice with an underbust corset making it a very useful addition to any wardrobe. Dress up or down, match with jeans, trousers or skirts, they are available in a wide range of fabrics including leather.

I want a corset to wear under my normal clothing to shape and support my body.

A shapewear corset is designed to be worn under your clothing, smoothing and shaping your body whilst remaining invisible. Workout Waist Cincher Corsets in addition to being worn at the gym are also worn under (or over) clothing all day long to improve shape and posture.

How do I know what size corset to buy?

Measure yourself properly following our Corset Size and Measuring Guide. Read the size and any corset information reviews that mention sizing to see how others found the fit of a corset. Most corsets have an adjustable back or side fastening which is used to tighten the corset from the maxuimum into the minimum size.

I want a corset for waist reduction only.

A Waist Cincher Corset (or Waspie) will, as it's name describes, focus on waist reduction with four to seven inches often reported. Waspie's are usually a wide belt style of cincher although people tend to interchange Waspies and Waist Cinchers when describing a corset.

What is a Modesty Panel?

A modesty panel is a strip of material in the back of a corset that hides the crease of your back.