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Corset Buying and Style Guide

Which corset is right for you? Use our corset buying guide to help you decide

Which Corset is eight for me?
Confused by all the different corset designs and styles on offer?

Read our quick start guides below to each category of corset below to help you decide which corset is the right one for you whether you want a shapewear corset to wear under your clothing, a corset for a night out or a corset to work out in.

Need help with Corset or Shapewear sizing? See our: Corset & Shapewear Size Guide

Womens Waist Measurement Guide

    Mens Waist Measurement Guide    

I want a corset to workout in, occasionally wear under my clothing and help improve my posture.
Sports Latex Workout Waist Trainer
A Sports Latex Workout Waist Trainer would be the best choice for you.

High end latex corsets can be worn under your clothes and are perfect to maximize any exercise or gym workout. They are great for any level of exercise as they promote sweating with minimal effort as these high compression waist trainers increase thermal activity that can aid weight loss through sweating when used whilst exercising.

These corsets and cinchers will instantly cinch your waist, flatten your tummy and smooth out your figure. They will support your back muscles and help improve your posture.

Available in a variety of styles, colours and plus sizes, these high end waist training products provide amazing results! They comfortably slim and sculpt your waist, abdominals and tummy whilst you wear them.

Perfect to take your workout sessions to the next level, these latex corsets can drop your waist size by up to 2 to 3 dress sizes, create beautiful curves whilst looking incredibly stylish!

Workout Waist Training Corsets

I want to reduce my waist size, but have never worn a corset before.
Waist Training Corsets
Our Waist Trainers are suitable for beginners or those more experienced in wearing corsets.

For first-timers, we would recommend a waist training corset as an easy introduction to waist training. Our waist training corsets are all underbust style corsets. Underbust corsets start under the breast and extend down to your hips, leaving the bust area exposed. This style is flattering on most body types. The reason why this style is so popular as a 'first corset' is because it is less restrictive, it will concentrate on reducing your waist whilst flattening your stomach allowing you to wear your own bra or put the corset on over a shirt or top.

Waist Trainers

I want a corset to wear under my normal clothing to shape and support my body.
Shapewear slimming corset
A shapewear slimming corset is designed to be worn under your clothing, smoothing and shaping your body whilst remaining invisible. A shapewear corset would be your best choice to wear under your clothing, they are comfortable to wear and are designed for daily use.

Whilst a shapewear slimming corset as described above is probably most suitable for your requirements, the Ann Chery Waist Trainer Corsets are also worn under clothing all day long to improve shape and posture. Many of our customers also wear them over clothing creating a funky outfit for a club or similar night out.

Shapewear Slimming Corsets

How do I know what size corset to buy?
Corset Waist Measurement Guide
1. Measure yours waist correctly following our Corset Waist Measurement Guide.

2. See our corset and shapewear sizing guides page for sizing tables for all our garments.

Downloadable Tape Measure

Shapewear and Corsets Sizing Guides