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Corset and Shapewear Size Guides

Please see the size guides below in order to select your correct size

Our corset and shapewear sizing is based on your waist size, to find your correct size simply measure your waist using a standard tape measure and use the size guide boxes below to find your correct size.

For womens corsets and shapewear approximate UK Dress Sizes are given below as a guide only, sizing is based on your waist size so it is always advisable to measure your waist to get a perfect fit!

The corsets are adjustable so if you are between sizes or are unsure of which size to choose, you should select the larger size.

Womens Waist Measurement Guide

    Mens Waist Measurement Guide    

To order your correct corset size:

1. Measure your natural waist size using a standard tape measure.
Click here if you are not sure how to measure your waist correctly.

2. When ordering a corset, select your natural waist size in the sizing drop-down.

3. It’s as simple as that. Our corset sizing is based on the natural waist size in inches. We will send you the correct corset to achieve that hourglass shape based on your natural waist size. If you are in between sizes, please go up one size, selecting the larger one.

(*Please Note - Dress sizes in the chart are there as a guide only.)

Esbelt Size Guide
Size Waist Size UK Dress
Size Guide
XS 20" to 22" (50-56cm) UK 4 to 6
S 22" to 24" (56-61cm) UK 6 to 8
M 26" to 28" (66-71cm) UK 10 to 12
L 30" to 32" (76-81cm) UK 14 to 16
XL 34" to 36" (86-91cm) UK 18 to 20
2XL 38" to 40" (96-101cm) UK 22 to 24
3XL 40" to 42" (101-107cm) UK 24 to 26
4XL 44" to 46" (112-117cm) UK 28 to 30
5XL 48" to 50" (122-127cm) UK 30 to 32
6XL 52" to 54" (132-137cm) UK 32 to 34
Esbelt ES262 & ES263 Size Guide
Size Waist Size UK Dress
Size Guide
S 22" to 24" (56-61cm) UK 6 to 8
M 26" to 28" (66-71cm) UK 10 to 12
L 29" to 31" (73-79cm) UK 12 to 14
XL 32" to 34" (81-86cm) UK 16 to 18
2XL 34" to 36" (86-91cm) UK 18 to 20
Mens Size Guide
Size Waist Size
Small 28" - 30" Waist (71-76cm)
Medium 32 - 34" (81-86cm)
Large 36" to 38" (91-96cm)
XL 40" to 42" (101-106cm)
2XL 44" to 46" (111-116cm)
3XL 48" to 50" (121-127cm)
4XL 52" to 54" (132-137cm)

Hand Washing Recommended
Care Instructions for all corsets: Cool Hand Wash Only, Do not wash in a washing machine. Dry flat, preferably in a well ventilated area.