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What's My Waist Trainer Size?

Beginners Guide to Buying a Waist Trainer

Posted on: 23/06/20
#HowToSizeAWaistTrainer #HowToChooseAWaistTrainerSize
#HowToSizeAWaistTrainer #HowToChooseAWaistTrainerSize

An important first step to choosing the right waist trainer so it is effective, comfortable and provides the perfect curves is identifying the correct size. For the perfect fitting waist trainer corset, you need your natural waist size in inches.

We have provided a quick and easy Waist aMeasurement Guide. All you need is a tape measure or piece of string and ruler. It takes a few minutes.

Once you have your measurements, follow the steps below to discover what size waist trainer you need. Our Waist Trainer Corsets are available in different lengths and sizes to fit all body shapes.


1.    Get a tape measure or a piece of string and ruler.
2.    Stand straight. (do not slouch as this may affect your measurement).
3.    Remove or raise clothing. Do not measure over clothing.
How to measure your waist
How to measure your waist
1.    Stand up straight in front of a full-length mirror.
2.    Find your natural waist. Bend from side to side to find it. Your waist is the soft, squidgy part of your body between your hips and the base of your rib cage. For most women, it is the narrowest part of your torso, just above your belly button.
3.    Wrap the measuring tape around your waist. It should fit snug against your skin. The tape should not be slipping down (it's too loose) or causing your skin to pull (it's too tight).
4.    Back straight, breathing comfortably. Measure 2-3 times for accuracy.
How to measure your torso
How to measure your torso


•    Repeat measurements 3 times and take an average.
•    When purchasing a corset, please select your natural waist size in inches from the sizing drop down.
•    Dress sizes are there as a guide only as different shops use different measurements.
•    If you are in-between sizes, please select the larger size.
•    Do not make the mistake of choosing a smaller sized corset. The myth of choosing a smaller size will simply make the corset uncomfortable.
•    Our corsets are based on your natural waist size and the fit will be approximately 2” smaller to provide inch loss, an instant curvy silhouette and the desired effect.
Short Torso Waist Trainer
Short Torso Waist Trainer


Need help? Contact us or email with your torso and waist measurements and corset requirements. Our corset experts will be happy to provide you with a personalized recommendation.