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Ann Chery Waist Cincher Corsets
Ann Chery Waist Cincher Corsets



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Are you new to wearing corsets or looking for a ‘magical’ corset that will make you look instantly slimmer yet also be comfortable to wear all night? This is the Corset Collection for YOU!

These corsets are designed with a lighter spiral steel bone, making them comfy to wear for longer periods, whilst also achieving a dramatic waist reduction of up to 2 inches! The corsets come in a vast array of designer fashion styles and plus sizes, perfect as a 'first' corset or worn on nights out.

Advantages include:

  • Potential Waist Reduction 1- 2"
  • Lightweight Steel Boned for Longer Wearing
  • Greater Comfort For Corset Beginners
  • Instant Body Shaping
  • Plus Sizes Available
  • Extensive Designer Range

Corset Beginners will find this style of starter corsets ideal to help them get used to the feel of wearing a steel boned corset before starting waist training. A Waist Training Corset can feel heavy, stiff and restrictive if you are not used to it. This lighter and comfier style of corset is a great place to START before taking up a waist training programme for the first time.

Black Underbust Instant Waist Shaper
NEW! White Breathable Mesh Corset
NEW! Black Breathable Mesh Corset