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Ann Chery AC2028W - Ann Chery Waist Trainer w/ Straps Semi Vest - Long Torso

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High-back Supportive Vest Corset with Thin Straps - Improves Posture whilst Slimming your Waist
Ann Chery AC2028 Semi Vest - Chaleco Waist Training Vest
The Ann Chery 2028 Sports Semi Vest Waist Trainer will shape your body and trim your waist, abdomen and back area by 2-3 inches. It features a high rise back and adjustable shoulder straps providing back support, improving your posture whilst smoothing out any bulges. The Ann Chery AC 2028 Semi Vest Waist Trainer is one of the most superior corset vests on the market as it is designed to combat back fat, excess skin under the arms as well as slim and shape your body drastically. Available in off white (beige) and black.

  •     Genuine Ann Chery Waist Trainer
  •     2 adjustable hook & eye levels
  •     High Rise Back
  •     Adjustable shoulder straps
  •     4 flexible steel boned
  •     No rolling up or down
  •     Outer layer - natural Latex
  •     Internal 100% cotton lining
  •     Flat seams
  •     Undetected under clothes
  •     Daily Use
  •     Suitable for Exercising
  •     13" Length- long torso & 5'7 tall +

  •     Reduces waist line by 2-3"
  •     Visually reduces by 1-2 dress sizes
  •     Firms and flattens tummy
  •     Create /maintain hourglass shape
  •     Helps improve posture
  •     Helps strengthen core muscles
  •     Reduces bloating
  •     Reduces lower back pain
  •     Increase thermal activity
  •     Boosts workouts results
  •     Helps long-term weight loss goals
  •     When worn daily, provides inch-loss
  •     Easy exchanges & refunds
  •     Customer Advice Helpline
  •     See Waist Training Results in Weeks!

For best results:
** When used regularly, the Ann Chery Colombian Waist Trainer will reduce your size and control your figure. The best effects are obtained with daily use, worn 8 hours a day, with a balanced diet, physical exercise, and keeping the body well hydrated with water.

If you are a beginner to waist training, work your way up to 8 hours a day gradually.
Ann Chery - Always The Best
Genuine Ann Chery
AC2028W Features:
Steel Boned
Flexible Steel Boned
Waist Training
Waist Training
Expert Waist Training
Expert Waist Training
Suitable for Long Torsos
Suitable for Long Torsos
Plus Sizes
Available in Plus Sizes
Waist Reduction 3-4 Inches
Waist Reduction 3-4"
Latex Waist Cincher
Latex Waist Cincher
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable for Exercise
Suitable for Exercise
Price: £79.99

AC2028W Description & Garment Care
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Shop with Confidence: The London Corset Company are The official UK Ann Chery retail and wholesale distributor. If you have any issues with your product purchased through us, please contact us.
Hand Washing Recommended
Care Instructions: Cool Hand Wash Only, Do not wash in a washing machine. Dry flat preferably in a well ventilated area.
Ann Chery Sizing Information
Ann Chery corset sizing is based on your natural waist size in inches. To find your correct Ann Chery size simply measure your waist using a standard tape measure and then select your waist size from the sizing drop down above. Dress sizes are there as a guide only. For tips on measuring your waist correctly please see the button below.

All Ann Chery corsets are adjustable so if you are in-between sizes or are unsure, select the larger size. Corsets arrive approximately 2” smaller than your natural waist size so do not select a smaller size.

Do I have a long or short torso?
You can check the size of your torso with the help of a tape measure. Stand up straight. Place the measuring tape centred under your breast and extend the tape down vertically to your lower hip. This is also near the hip joint where the bone articulates into the pelvis. If it measures 12 inches or more, you have a long torso. If it is 11 inches or less then you have a short torso.

AC2028W Customer Reviews
Covers lower tummy - Best Investment I've Made This Year
Code, Size & Colour:
3XL Nude
Review Date: 17/04/20
I am 5"2 and have a short torso however I am a plus size girl (size 18-20) so was looking for a longer waist trainer for weight loss that covered my lower belly. I weren't sure how this Ann Chery vest longer style was going to fit however I shouldn't have worried. It is perfect and so comfortable! The adjustable shoulder straps can be altered so the waist trainer fits your bodyshape. This was aprticularly helpful for me who is plus size, has a short torso and pear shape - so i was able to make it fit my unusual shape. I found shortening the straps improved back support and overal fit. I am so happy with my choice.  I've worn it all day at work, you can't see it under clothes other than it just makes you look ALOT slimmer and your breasts look bigger by being higher (not down by my waist) and supported. My back feels much better and supported at my desk. It forces you to sit upright. Easily the best investment I've made this year! OMG thank you!
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