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Waist Trainer for Weight Loss - 2 Hook

Ann Chery AC2025B

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LIMITED OFFER PRICE WAS £65.99 Now: £49.99
Women's Everyday Latex Waist Trainer - UK FREE Delivery
Ann Chery - Always The Best
Drop inches from your waist, firm and flatten your tummy and create an hourglass figure with the celebrity brand Ann Chery 2025 Latex Waist Trainer - 2 Hook. Ideal for daily wear as well as working out.

It is the essential waist defining garment for body shaping, boosting weight loss and targeting lower belly fat.  This AC2025 Waist Trainer is longline style and gives full torso coverage including the lower tummy. It elongates the abdomen, whilst improving the posture and providing back support.

For extra comfort and support, the compression garment features 4 built-in flexible steel bones, adjustable 2 hook and eye closure and 100% soft cotton lining. Made from high quality durable 100% natural latex.

You can wear this waist trainer discreetly under your everyday clothes to enjoy instant inch loss effects or exposed at the gym to boost workout sessions.

The AC2025 Latex Waist Trainer will maximise your workouts by increasing your internal body temperature therefore making your exercise sessions and miles you run, work more for you. It will get you straight in the fat burning zone, which can normally take 30 minutes. It makes the fat burning in your exercise sessions 3 times more efficient.

  • 2 hook & eye levels
  • 4 flexible steel boned
  • No rolling up or down
  • Outer layer - natural Latex
  • Internal 100% cotton lining
  • Flat seams -discreet under clothes
  • Low rise back for optimal comfort
  • Underbust style- wear favourite bra
  • Daily use
  • Suitable postpartum recovery
  • Suitable for exercising


  • Reduce waistline by 2-3"
  • Firms & flattens tummy
  • Reduce abdomen & back size
  • Instant hourglass shape
  • Posture corrector
  • Moderately lifts bust
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Increase thermal activity
  • Speeds up burning fat cells

  • Size:               XS-3XL (UK 6-20)
  • Length:           13 inch 
  • Style:              Long Torso, Underbust
  • Colours:          Black and Beige
  • Options:          Regular Torso Style
Ann Chery - Always The Best
Genuine Ann Chery
AC2025B Features:
Steel Boned
Flexible Steel Boned
Expert Waist Training
Expert Waist Training
Waist Reduction 3-4 Inches
Waist Reduction 3-4"
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable Under Clothes
Suitable for Exercise
Suitable for Exercise
WAS £65.99
Price Now: £49.99

Ann Chery AC2025B Description & Garment Care

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Shop with Confidence: The London Corset Company are The official UK Ann Chery retail and wholesale distributor.

Hand Washing Recommended
Care Instructions: Cool Hand Wash Only, Do not wash in a washing machine. Dry flat preferably in a well ventilated area.

Ann Chery Sizing Information

Ann Chery corset sizing is based on your natural waist size in inches. To find your correct Ann Chery size simply measure your waist using a standard tape measure and then select your waist size from the sizing drop down above. Dress sizes are there as a guide only. For tips on measuring your waist correctly please see the button below.

All Ann Chery corsets are adjustable so if you are in-between sizes or are unsure, select the larger size. Corsets arrive approximately 2” smaller than your natural waist size so do not select a smaller size.

Do I have a long or short torso?
Generally, if you are over 5'6" you will have a long torso. If you are below 5'6", you will have a short torso. However, it is always best to check by measuring the length of your torso by using our 3-Step Torso Guide.

If your torso measures 12 inches or more, you have a long torso. If it is 11 inches or less then you have a short torso.

AC2025B Customer Reviews
TLCC Customer Verfied
It Works! Fast Delivery *****
Code, Size & Colour:
L Black
Review Date: 26/06/20
I'm trying to get my lockdown weight off and this has been a God send. The quicks results and change in my body has given me a real condifidence boost and helped me stay on track. The compression of the waist trainer helps with craving during the day as it surpresses hunger. It has been a really good tool for my weight loss and my tummy also looks better and firmer. I'm only 6 weeks in and very excited about my results.
I've got my waist back in 4 weeks!
Code, Size & Colour:
M Nude
Review Date: 29/05/20
I have been using it for 4 weeks now and already got my waist shape back. I wanted to lose 2-3 inches and i achieved that so i thought i'd review for anyone looking for a good waist trainer. last year i found a cheaper one on Amazon but it was fake. When you get the real thing from you will see the difference in quality straight away. This came in the original packaging, it's got the ann chery lining, it ouzes quality. It's worth the money as you will see results faster. I usually wear mine daily and it does stretch out over time making it more comfortable  The only negative thing i would say is it's thick latex so it can show up if you are wearing a thin top. It's long length so covered the whole of my overhang tummy, first time ever i found a corset that did that.
Code, Size & Colour:
Large, Black
Review Date: 21/03/20
Can not recommend this company enough. I ordered the wrong size and contacted them to say it was too big and long, I was provided support Via what's app so I could send them pictures and they agreed I needed the shorted length, but they also took time to discuss the different trainers and what would be the most beneficial to me .Within 2 days I had returned and received my new item which is the AC2025 in a large size, it arrived in pretty pink tissue and with a lovely Thank you sticker. I was surprised at how easy it was to do up. I started at the bottom and worked my way up .once in it holds in all my problem areas which is mainly my tummy after having two children, I was imagining this to squeeze everything and hurt to be honest and had the no pain no gain mentally, HOWEVER its is so comfortable, yes it has steel bones in it BUT you can't feel them even when sitting down, I feel lovely and warm around my midsection too so I can feel it working. I will add that this has also made me stop slouching and made me stand correctly so I even feel that tiny bit taller at the massive height of 5ft 2 :) Over all my experience with this company and product has been amazing I can now wear my clothes with confidence knowing that it's all hidden and the corset also has a sexy feel about it too which to me is an added bonus whilst allowing me to achieve that hourglass figure that us ladies want.X