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Waist Trainer Slimming Kit

Ann Chery AC2021HC

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Video: Ann Chery Waist Trainers Latex Line

LIMITED OFFER PRICE WAS £94.99 Now: £79.99
Best Seller Ann Chery Waist Trainer for Weight Loss & Long Torsos.
See Results in Just 2 Weeks!
Ann Chery - Always The Best
Lose inches in your waist, flatten your tummy, boost weight loss, and create and maintain an hourglass shape with the Ann Chery Waist Trainer Slimming Kit. Consisting of the best selling Colombian Ann Chery 2021 Waist Trainer (choice of Nude or Black) and x1 Ann Chery Hot fat burner, anti- cellulite and skin firming cream. 

The AC 2021 Waist Trainer is recommended for regular, long torsos and plus sizes. The longline corset design measures 13" at the front, suitable for regular, long torsos and plus sizes as it gives complete torso coverage including the lower belly. Click here to buy it without the hot cream offer.

Each Waist Trainer Slimming Kit includes:
  • X1 Genuine Colombian AC 2021 Waist Trainer:  (Please select your size and colour below)
  • X1 Ann Chery Hot Cream, 120g
  • X1 Instructions and Tips

BENEFITS of the Ann Chery Waist Trainer Slimming Kit

  •  The Ann Chery 2021 is the best selling Colombian Waist Trainer
  •   3 adjustable hook & eye levels
  •   4 flexible steel boned
  •   No rolling up or down
  •   Outer layer - natural Latex
  •   Internal 100% cotton lining
  •   Flat seam - Undetected under clothes
  •   Daily Use - Suitable for Exercising
  •   13" Length- for long torso & 5'8"+ tall
  • When worn daily and for longer periods of time, gradually provides inch loss.
  • Boosts workouts by increasing thermal activity
  • Stimulates perspiration around your abdominal area.
  • Helps maximise workout results and calorie burn.
  • Ann Chery Hot slimming cream breaks down fat cells, tightens the skin and increases micro-circulation.

  • The AC 2021 has 3 hook & eye levels. 
  • It can be adjusted to reduce up to two dress sizes instantly.
  • It is the perfect workout band designed for physical activity
  • It adjusts and moves with your body during physical activity
  • It is discreet and can be worn at work or going out.

  • The Ann Chery Waist Trainer is designed for all body types. Petite to plus sizes.
  • The AC 2021 is a longline style.
  • It is suitable for long torso, plus size or tall girls 5'8" or over
  • It provides full torso coverage and covers lower tummy.
  • We have short torso Waist trainer styles here.

  • The Ann Chery Hot slimming and tightening cream is designed to aid with weight loss.
  • It will help break down fat cells as well as firm and tighten your skin as you lose weight.
  • The Ann Chery Hot Cream has a warming effect. 
  • It improves troubled areas like the tummy, arms, thighs and buttocks.
  • See results in just 2 weeks.
  • Through the weight-loss process, you can develop loose skin. The Ann Chery Hot cream will help avoid this.
  • It promotes collagen and elasticity into the skin.
  • This is an effective a Waist Trainer Kit to achieve an hourglass shape. 
  • It improves your workout performance by combating muscle fatigue while strengthening and tightening the skin and muscles.
  • If you need a waist trainer belt or fat burner to assist with getting in shape or boosting your weight loss goals, this Waist Trainer Set is for you.

  • Get the best possible results out of your workouts and physical activities with the Ann Chery Waist Trainer Slimming Kit.
  • Combined with the Ann Chery Hot slimming and tightening Cream to boost weight loss, fitness performance and firm skin. It is an effective belly fat burner kit for women.
Ann Chery - Always The Best
WAS £94.99
Price Now: £79.99

Ann Chery AC2021HC Description & Garment Care

** When used regularly, the Ann Chery Colombian Waist Trainer will reduce your size and control your figure. The best effects are obtained with daily use, worn 8 hours a day, with a balanced diet, physical exercise, and keeping the body well hydrated with water. If you are a beginner to waist training, work your way up to 8 hours a day gradually. 

Ann Chery Hot Cream - Directions for Use:
  1. For optimum results, apply daily.
  2. Massage a thin layer of Ann Chery Hot Cream with gentle circular massage motion in the target area after a shower or hot bath until completely absorbed. Ideal for the tummy, hips, thighs, bum, back, legs and arms. Do not apply to face. If you have sensitive skin, apply every other day.
  3. Use a small amount first on a small area to test. If you feel unwell or if irritated, discontinue use.
  4. Do not use in places with injuries, broken skin, burns or dermatitis; Wash your hands after use.
  5. When using with a waist trainer, apply to target area as per step 2. Put Waist Trainer on top. To boost results further, you can put a layer of Ann Chery Slim Osmatic Wrap between your skin and the waist trainer to boost thermal activity.
  6. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  7. RESULTS: Tightens the skin and makes it smooth. Reinforces the natural level of skin elasticity. Breaks down fatty deposits. Reduces, smooths and softens appearance of cellulite.

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Hand Washing Recommended
Care Instructions: Cool Hand Wash Only, Do not wash in a washing machine. Dry flat preferably in a well ventilated area.

Ann Chery Sizing Information

Ann Chery corset sizing is based on your natural waist size in inches. To find your correct Ann Chery size simply measure your waist using a standard tape measure and then select your waist size from the sizing drop down above. Dress sizes are there as a guide only. For tips on measuring your waist correctly please see the button below.

All Ann Chery corsets are adjustable so if you are in-between sizes or are unsure, select the larger size. Corsets arrive approximately 2” smaller than your natural waist size so do not select a smaller size.

AC2021HC Customer Reviews
Good fit- True to size
Code, Size & Colour:
L Black
Review Date: 19/08/20
Very happy with fit. Chart is accurate and true to size.
Hanna B
Buy! You won't regret it!
Code, Size & Colour:
M Black
Review Date: 13/08/20
I've been wearing my Ann Chery waist trainer for 4 weeks now and have lost 3 inches off my waist! Comfy and discreet under clothes even though I want to shout on top of the roof tops about my inch loss. Flatter tummy and helped my posture too. Love my new waist trainer! Thanks
Just.. wow! Five Stars
Code, Size & Colour:
S Black
Review Date: 23/07/20
It fits smaller than i expected but i got the first row done up. In only two weeks i was able to get in on the second row of hooks! Crazy or what?! It really works.